You can use Tungulending as your base to explore the North of Iceland.

We recommend day trips to the small town of Húsavík as well as trips to Lake Myvatn, Dettifoss & Goðafoss waterfalls or the Ásbyrgi Canyon.

We would like to inspire you to experience 
some unique activities around Tungulending.

For further information please contact us: contact

Some ideas are:

catch your own fish 
in the North Atlantic
swim for a few seconds 
and get out of the sea 
as quick as possible
snorkel or dive 
in the ocean
go whale watching and see
marine mammals in their natural habitat
observe birdlife
go sailing on a 
icelandic schooner
discover the bay 
in sea kayaks
go for a walk on the beach 
or do a serious hike 
along the coastline
visit a beautiful waterfall 
south of Tungulending
study the geological 
enjoy quiet hours 
on the pier and marvel 
the midnight sun
light a bonfire
visit interesting museums in
Húsavík and the area
experience the 
northern lights without 
any light pollution
experience the sound 
and power of 
the North Atlantic Ocean
sit inside Tungulending 
and enjoy the warmth of 
a wood-fired stove 
when it is cold 
and windy outside
There are many more options 
to make your stay 
even more attractive.

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